Monday, April 19, 2010

Congrats Dionne and Courtney!

Well I did it, I bit the bullet and purchsed MDS (My Digital Studio) and I hate to say it but again... I LOVE IT!  I was very reluctant to buy this because I love to scrapbook, not only for the creative aspect but for the social aspect too, and well it's not as easy to gather friends around computers and digitally scrapbook! some of you know, my husband has started into photography and has been lucky enough to take a few pics at various friends weddings.  Last week-end we were in Toronto for our friend Dionne and Courtney's wedding.  So, because scrapbooking and photgraphy go hand in hand, my hubby and I have teamed up - he takes the pics and I make the album!  Let me know what you think, this is the front page for the album, simple but elegant I think!
Will be back soon with more from MDS!