Thursday, November 26, 2009

Need a Christmas Gift???

Wondering where I am?? Well I am home with sick kiddies, and a stack of cards to be made! I have finished 108 of the 300 I need to have ready by next needless to say I have not been creating a whole bunch! But I decided to take a break tonight as I am all out of Snail and have used up my Dollar Store supply as off to the Glencoe Dollar store tmw! So on my break I decided to whip something up that's been on my mind for a few days. I am making gift certificates! So if you would like your hubby's or other family members to bu you a great gift without the craziness of the malls. tell them to give me a call! I am selling gift certificates for $10.00, $25.00 and $50.00. Please note: they are only redeemable through me! All gift certificates will come in this cute little card/certificate holder (thanks Ange for the idea!)

Also, the Four Counties Foundation is hosting a Christmas Marketplace on Saturday Dec.5th. I will have a table there and will be bringing these cute little certificates with me so again, if you would like some spending money to pick something out of the catalogue, send someone down to see me! Hope you all are well and will post again soon!


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