Sunday, October 28, 2012

Digital Scrapbook Day - You don't want to miss this!

Happy Sunday:)  What a great day to be snuggled up with the family.  We're enjoying a nice quiet Sunday (for now!)  Today's post is a chore chart I made for Hannah and Kayla.  This was totally inspired by one of the on-line classmates with Heather's Simply MDS2 class (her name escapes me) but I loved her creation!  We're working on having the girls become a little more responsible for their things so mommy isn't CONSTANTLY picking up after them!  To go along with today's post I want to tell all of you to make sure you go to my site tmw to check out all the AMAZING deals!  There are stamp sets that are 15% off for tmw only and PLUS for Oct.29-Nov. 5 all Digital kits are 50% off PLUS there will be FREE downloads, yes FREE!! So make sure you hop on over to to download yours!  For stamp orders, you can e-mail me before 8pm tmw as I will be placing an order, this will save you on shipping, if I receive 10 stamp orders, I'll pay for YOUR shipping!  Hope you have a warm and cozy day :)

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