Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

 Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's, Grandma's, Auntie's, and any other woman I have missed!  Hope you had a wonderful day.  Mine was super busy/productive/fun and tiring!  I was able to spend some much needed time in my garden, then off for a nature walk, dinner, bath, bedtime, clean out my freezer (which is a whole other story) and now here I am.  Unfortunately I have had zero time for creativity!  Funny I thought with Aaron being away for 2 weeks I would be a creative machine, turns out single parenthood does not allow for such time!  So instead I am posting an even better creation, my Mother's day gift from Hannah.  PLUS it does use what looks to me like some Stampin'Up punches!  Could it be that Mrs. Turner is a stamper?  Maybe!  Anyways, I just love these handmade gifts.  This one will definitely go in the keepsake box.  Hope you all had a wonderful day, will try to get something creative for you for tmw!  Thanks for stopping by, Steph

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