Friday, September 7, 2012

Pony Party

Happy Friday All!  Well as you know it's been a busy week with kiddies heading back to school, showing the house (yes with literally 3 hours notice!) and Hannah's birthday is Sunday!  So I'm sad to say I wasn't able to make any invites up, I literally got on the phone and called her 3 closest friends and invited them for a sleepover this Saturday.  So today I have been MDS'ing like crazy!  I've made this super awesome birthday banner, cupcake pics, signs, party hat decorations, it's awesome!  We;re doing a My Little Pony theme (but just Butterscotch since that;s her favourite).  My dad and I are heading to Greenhawk today to get her a grooming kit for the real Butterscotch.  I think spending more time with the horses will help build Hannah's confidence, and I think it's time for me to return to having Miss Dixie in my life, she's been put on hold for long enough I think.  So I'm very excited to start what feels like a new chapter.  OK enough babbling!  This little poster was super quick thanks to some Disney clipart!  Just downloaded the pony, added some text and background DSP, grass punch and Cheerful Treat border - VOILA!  Have a great day!

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