Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank goodness for coffee!

Well we're almost half way through the week!  The girls seem to be settling into school nicely.  Tmw we're off to dance registration and Thursday is the Meet the Teacher bbq, so lots going on this week!  This is something I saw on Heather's MDS class, and I had to re-create it to make it my own.  I used the same sayings but changed the fonts and added some stamped words as well as a picture of some beans at the bottom right.  I think I'll print a large print and either laminate it or frame it for my kitchen or dining room.  Well I'm going to get some things done for my Hallowe'en class next Friday.  Remember it's not just for Club members, all are welcome :)  Take care and thanks for stopping by :) Steph

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